Brendan Clay

In the spirit of defecting from the much-maligned third-person bio approach; in short, I am a Sydney-based DJ, specialising in deep house and disco. I take delight in playing a solid warm-up set and revel in the success of watching a room build around it.

Since making my club debut as a fresh-faced eighteen-year-old at ‘Thursday Delights’ at the Icebox — a popular trance and hard dance event of the time — I have been lucky enough to play right across Sydney, enjoying bookings at Sounds on Sunday, S*A*S*H, Chinese Laundry, Plastic, The Burdekin and Candy’s Apartment; as well as larger-scale events such as Big Day Out and Harbour Party NYE.

Occasionally putting on the promoter hat from time-to-time, I have also hosted and played at events of my own: SPOiLT, Sequential and, more recently, Attic.

Away from the club dancefloor, though; you might also find me playing an extended-length set in a low-lit bar, exercising the deeper, more eclectic selections of my record box — low, slow and groovy, just the way I like it!

For ten years, I was heavily involved with the Internet radio game, hosting successful programs, Friday Night Live and The M Shift; on Indiesoundz and NSB Radio networks, respectively. The M Shift, which ran for six years, specialised in breaks, house and drum ‘n’ bass, and was regularly enjoyed by thousands of live listeners, downloaders, and Podcast-listeners alike.

As above, I pride myself on playing a good warm-up set — added again for emphasis! — and believe it to somewhat of a lost artform in this age. I appreciate absolute cleanliness in the mix and the introduction of innovative elements into the mix!

I also don’t mind getting in the studio from time-to-time, but that facet, for now, is still very much a work in progress!

Download Press Kit: Right here.